Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Days in Limerick

We have had a series of challenging events in the last couple of days.

Juan Pablo, Fede, Mariano, Juani and Nehuen perform the Haka

Group at Bruff Secondary School

Munster Stadium

King John's Castle in Medieval Limerick

Glanmire Secondary School Exchange, with presentations, dance, sport, food, music. Great fun. It went wild at times.

Bruff Secondary School
Exchange. There were presentations, music, food and dance.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Manuel Belgrano EIRE&UK Tour 2009

Departure from Ezeiza.

Everyone seemed veery excited.



'We are having a good time -says Nehuen'-

Only some students slept during the flight.

We are now having some coffee and dougnhuts in Earls Court.

Going to Hyde Park right now.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

Performers take the Stage!

Hello, my name is Federico Lapine. I´m 16 years old, and I have played rugby since I was 8 years old. I like races cars, and to play football with my friends too. I used to play tennis but now I prefere to practise rugby. I am going to Britain and Ireland to taste another type of rugby, which is different to that of Argentina. I want to experience new cultures and witness them up-front. I have met many Irish people working here in Argentina and they have told me many wonderful stories about their country, and how my experience will be one which I shall never forget. See you soon,Fede

Hi my name is Juan Pablo Prada, i have 17 years and i am very excited by this trip. I love football, and almost all sports, I'm a follower of the Gunners, i really like read and be in the computer and i am especially loves to listen Music especially rock like pink floyd, sumo and Las Pelotas . A hug and hope to be there as soon as possible.

Juan Cruz
HI! My name is Juan Cruz Quevedo, i'm 16 years old and i come from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I live with my mother, Lorena, and with my tiny dog, Tommy.I like riding the bicycle, playing the guitar and listening to music, but the thing i like most is going out with friends.
If you let me pick a famous person i would like to know, I'll choose Paul McCartney and J.K. Rowling, my favourites british celebrities. Hope it was interesting for you to read.
Best wishes,
Juan Cruz.

Hello, my name is Magdalena Martinez. I am 16 years old. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like going out with my friends, especially to parties. I love music!. I quite listen to every kind of music but what I most like listening is rock and pop.I don't practice any sports but I want to start going to the gym but when I am on holidays I like swimming, running, bicycling, etc. I would like to learn dances from Ireland and how to play some instruments. There, in Ireland I wanna make new friends, know about the culture and more .I am very exciting of this trip!!!
P.S.: In the picture I am the one of the left

Juan Ignacio
Hi! My name is Juan Ignacio and I´m one of the students from Belgrano school who have enrolled to the trip to UK. I´m 17 now, but as my birthday is on September, I´ll be 18 whn we leave from Argentina. I´m very keen on swimming. I train nerly 12 hours a week and I really enjoy it. I´ve seen the University´s swimmingpool and it´s really amazing. It would be great to visit it and maybe swim with some of the students from University. I like sports very much and I´d like to learn some new sports. In relation to the music, I like rock very much. Our National rock is quite good!
I send you some photos for you to know me. Any question or need, don´t doubt to write me.

Hi, my name is Agustin Giannoni, I'm seventeen years old. In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar.. I like british music...and I would like to attend music classes or maybe talk with some musician. I'd like to go to rock museum.. or the house of wax. Also I'd like to know about past cultures not only in Ireland but Wales Scotland and Ireland.

Agustin Giannoni


Hello, My name is Nehuen Fernandez Degeli, and I am one of the guys that are going to the United Kingdom this October.I play Rugby in Lomas Athletic Club, so I was thinking about having a chance of meeting some rugby players in Ireland or Wales, because I love how they play. I know that maybe I will see some of the Munster`s players in the University Arena because they train there, but I would like to have a conversation, as well as an interview, if its possible. Also, I would like to know if we can practice some of the locals games,like Hurling or Gaelic football. It will be something very interesting to try out that sort of games.
Best wishes, Nehuen

Hello, my name is Pablo and I'm very interested on the British culture. I'm also very interested in music from England, like rock bands as Led Zeppelin, The Who and else. In my spare time, I play rugby at school and I enjoy playing it very much. I love British and Irish teams, like London Irish or Bristol from England, and Munster from Ireland. I heard that in the University of Limerick, the Munster team practise and train, so I am very interested on it!. Also I play tennis since I was 11. Now I'm 17, and I'm going to finish school this year.

Pablo Kuczynski.

hello, my name is lucia and I am 16 years old. I am from Argentina,Buenos Aires, and I live with my parents, my brother and my little dog.I really like going out with my friends or family, and in my free time I like cooking and watching movies. My favourite hobbie is dancing, I practice it since I was 9 years old, and I really love it, I know how to dance jazz, tap and tango, and apart from that I used to study theatre for 9 years, but I left it because I have a lot of activities more.


Hello, my name is Gabriel Guzmán and I'm very interested on Irish and British culture.I am 16 Years old and when I grow up y would like to study Electronic Engineering.In my spare time, I play rugby at school and I enjoy playing it very much, I also love playing basketball wich is my favourite sport, and a little bit of tennis. One of the things y would love to do is to try archery.

Gabriel Guzmán.


Hi, My name is Marcos Manchinelli and i'm very interesting in books, specially in fantasy books and "detectives books" more like sherlock holmes or Agatha Cristhie. I don't practise any sports but i love to watch football and play it with my friends sometimes. Also I love music, in special the Nu-metal (linkin Park) and Punk Rock offspring), also i like some bands from Argentina like "La Renga" and "La Mancha de Rolando".
Your faithfully, Marcos.


Hello, my name is Sofia Fernandez Calvo, i'm 16 years old and i'm interested in cinematography, photography, publicity, music, etc. I would like to be in a class about any of this things i have just mention. My hobbies are: taking pictures, listening to music or watching and change pictures already taken in the computer. I don't have a person or someone who i would like to meet when we were there but if i could talk to a photography teacher, a profesional photographer or to some group of music i would be very happy. Thanks for all and i would see you soon.
Your faithfully,

Hello I am Federico Diaz, I have sixteen years old. I live with my parents, Rodolfo and Alicia.Personally I love listen to music, more than anything AC/DC, U2 and Led Zeppelin. I really enjoy doing sports, I like football (the best of all), Basketball and rugby, but I think that I am not good playing it.Now, talking about my cultural tastes, I have always liked the topics on medieval castles, I think it is truly amazing.
Well I think that it is all, bye bye.
Best wishes.

Hi! My name is Mariana Pilar Dueñas, I am sixteen years old. Although I have athletes friends, I am not very good at Sports lol. I tried different kinds of activities like swimming, tennis, jazz dance, etc. In my free time i love listening to music (all kinds of music), surfing on the internet, watch Films or read fashion magazines.
During the trip, I would like to learn some of the english culture, like traditional dances and typical dishes from the country. Also I want to make friends and try to practise the language. See you in October!
Best wishes,

I want to do many sports. and I want to play tenis, because is my favourite sport. thank you. Mariano Ariel Benitez

Hi! My name is Matias Longo, I´m 16 years old, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I live with my two brothers (Gastón and Lautaro), My mum called Silvia, My father called Ruben and finally with my llitle dog called Kely. I like playing Football, Tennis and Voleyball.Of course I like go out with my friends. Finally I listen every kind of music and I´m very interest in the cultures of Europe Best Wishes, Matías

Hello!! My name is Bonnie Bindon Hughes. I am the English department coordinator at Belgrano School. I have worked at Belgrano school as a teacher and English Coordinator for 17 years. I am 53 years old. I am married and have two sons and one daughter,Diego,Brian and Dana. We live in Temperley,Buenos Aires. I have always lived in this town.
I am very keen on sports. I have played tennis since I was a little girl. I also played hockey for a few years.Travelling is one thing I really love. I have been to England and Europe many times, but this is my first visit to Eire.

Prof. Mario
I am Mario Fernandez and I am coach and oficial referee of rugby.I am 49 years old and my hobbie is camping and activities related with the nature.I would like to learn more about rugby coaching, photography and films.I am studing English because I didn't know how to speak. Also, I would like to go to any rugby stadium, and if it's posibble attend to a matchAs I am a referee, I was thinking about the idea of chatting with some referees from Ireland or another European country I can play saxo, but not so well, so I would be gratefull if i can join some classes in the university.I have been always interested in goblin's stories, if the natives can tell us some of them, it would be perfect.
Best wishes